Hello, There!

Hello, Loves! Ok so we know YouTube is my main "thing"....  I've posted at least 2 videos per week for the past 10 years (!!), which is CRAZY to think about. I love it more and more every year and I'm not going anywhere!

A few years after beginning that, blogging got pretty big. So naturally, I started this blog to sort of "try it out".  And I loved it! I really enjoyed posting occasionally (and sometimes, not so occasionally), but YouTube always "stuck".  That's what I do, and that's what I love!
Funny thing is, lots of my posts were just accompanying posts to videos where I would link to stuff (I do that in the "more info" section of EVERY SINGLE video anyway), and lots of the content I used to do JUST on the blog (decor, fashion...)  has become a huge part of my YouTube channel these past few years.

So when I had my sweet baby girl a few years ago, I prioritized thangs' around here and the blog just naturally phased out.  It's still here. Posts are still up (lots are old and embarrassing...haha).
BUT I never stopped my main gig.

YouTube is going stronger and better than ever and we're all having SO much fun over there! So be sure to subscribe to my channel and check it out every Monday or Tuesday AND every Friday each week!

Oh, and did I mention Instagram!? Well I post a ton of updates there so I hope you're following me there too (under makeupbytiffanyd).  Lot's of decor, fashion, beauty, and family.  

So that's about it, guys! I just wanted to update here really quick... It was actually really fun to sit down and write a post! So I may be back eventually posting here regularly. Never say never! But you can always come hang out on YouTube!! See you over there!  SO many exciting things coming up!! ahhhhhh can't wait.


MAC Cinderella Swatches

Oh, hi there.
Been a while, huh? Yeah. I've totally neglected the blog for a while now. I've had so many ideas... So many products to share... So many videos that should've had an accompanying post. 

But sometimes, life gets busy and that stuff just doesn't work out. Sometimes you just don't feel like doing...stuff. So that's been the past few months for me in this blogland.

I'm excited to start posting again.  Well, by "start posting again" I mean according to my own non-schedule where this blog is concerned. I've never been super structured with this place like I am on my YouTube channel.  I just like to post here when I want about what I want. But I've missed it like crazy!! Feels good to be back. So here we go...

MAC Cinderella
Available online February 26, 2015
Available in-store March 5, 2015 through April 16, 2015

I love MAC. I love Disney. I love Cinderella. She was pretty much the first Disney princess I fell in love with as a child. So when I got this collection from MAC, I was super excited. Like jumping up and down in the kitchen excited.

So here ya go... All the photos and swatches of the products I received from this collection. I've got a video coming up soon all about my actual thoughts and little reviews on each product after actually using them.  So look out for that coming up soon on my YouTube channel!

Until then, here are the swatches:

Iridescent Powder in Coupe D'Chic $28.

Beauty Powder in Silver Dusk $28. (In the product info, it says the only Beauty Powder in the collection is supposed to be called "Mystery Princess" and is described as nothing like this one. Maybe it's a mistake? Not sure which is the mistake though... so that's awesome.)

left: Coupe D'Chic, right: Silver Dusk

Eye Shadow x 6 / Stroke of Midnight $44.
Vapour, Phloof!, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Stroke of Midnight

Glitter in Reflects Pearl $23., Pigment in Pretty it Up $24

MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped $23.

Lipstick in Royal Ball $17.50

Lipglass in Glass Slipper $16.50

Studio Fix lash in Boldblack $19. 

So what do you guys think?? There are a few more items from this collection that I don't have, but this is pretty much the gist. 
Will you be picking up any items from this collection? What do you have your eye on?

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature or review.


A story of a big mattress and lil' bassinet

Holy almost 32 weeks of pregnancy, y'all.

Time is seriously flying by and our lil' gal will be here before we know it! In some ways, I'm still in the whole "it's too early to do blah blah blah..." mindset, but now, I'm realizing that with less than 2 months left until it's go time, we need to get crackin'. So we decided to go ahead and give our little gal a little space of her own in our bedroom. 

I mean let's just be honest, she'll probably be all over the bed, the bassinet, and everywhere else, but I'd like for her to get used to sleeping in her little bassinet for her first several months.  Something about seeing this little sweet bassinet all set-up in our bedroom really got to me (shocking... I'm a little emotional these days) and really made everything seem even more real.  It's the Baby Bjorn cradle and it's pretty awesome.  We looked at a lot of different bassinets and I researched them like crazy and this one seemed like the best fit for us. I like that it's made of breathable mesh on the sides and doesn't have a ton of plush coverings or pieces that make it feel enclosed. The best part about it is that it is lightweight, yet feels really sturdy. I wasn't crazy about the idea of a rock-able bassinet on a carpeted area. I didn't want it to get knocked over or feel wobbly. This one is very stable, but has a natural rocking motion caused by tension within the stand. So if baby wakes up and startles herself, the cradle moves a bit with her movements and *hopefully* (ha) soothes the baby back to sleep. You can also rock it yourself a bit by gently nudging the sides of it. 
I guess the true test will happen when baby is actually here, so I'll be sure to update you guys then if you are curious about this one!

But until our little bit decides to make her appearance, the bassinet has a nice little out of the way spot...

So speaking of updates, we're going to get into something that has been pretty life-changing. Months back, I posted a pregnancy vlog where I mentioned our new mattress. As promised, I wanted to come back and give you guys some real details on not only the mattress itself, but our experience with it since living with it for a few months now.
I had mentioned my back pain and back issues in a lot of my pregnancy vlogs prior to that one, so I was so thrilled when Beautyrest reached out to me and offered up a mattress of our choice from their Beautyrest Black line. 
Our previous mattress was approaching 9 years old and had some issues. It was sagging in the middle and was something we had talked about replacing for years. I had also suspected that it wasn't doing my scoliosis and sciatica any favors.
So off to Macy's we went, and selected the perfect one, just as if we were purchasing it ourselves. Now, mattresses are a very personal thing. It's not something that someone else can pick out for you. It's also something that may not always work after you get it home. I was really open with them about us not only being able to select the exact one we wanted (if we liked any of them at all), but that it was also something that I would have to actually sleep on for a while before giving my final thoughts on.  
This isn't just a company sending you some makeup or beauty products to review... this is something HUGE that we would sleep on every. single. night. And my back issues make it even more important to find a good one.

We tried all of them and the second we tried the Lexi Luxury Firm Pillowtop (Macy's calls it the Montebello), we both were like, "THIS IS THE ONE."  I could tell it was supporting my belly (no more shoving a pillow underneath it to sleep) and my back, which was huge.  When it came, it was like Christmas morning. We were so happy to see our old mattress go! But we were SHOCKED at how large the new one was!! I don't know if you can tell, but it's pretty tall. I feel like the Princess and the Pea sleeping on this thing!

But, wow. I've never slept so good in my life, even being now 8 months pregnant. I even ditched my Snoogle (my pregnancy pillow) when we got this mattress, it's so good. I know everyone likes something different in a mattress, but I feel like the entire Beautyrest Black line has a little something for everyone.  
We ultimately chose this one because it has the firmness and support of a memory foam mattress, yet is plush and snuggly like a pillowtop innerspring mattress. These really are like a mash-up of both.

While mattresses are for sure an investment, I feel like these are totally worth it. Many of us have no problem investing in certain beauty products, nice homes, cars we like, clothing, etc, but a lot of times we don't give mattresses the importance they deserve. We spend a lot of time there, after all! These come with a 25 year (!) warranty, which is freakin' huge, considering the average mattress lasts maybe 8 years. They also have some absolutely crazy features (hello, cooling diamond dust in a mattress...) that after sleeping on for months now, we can actually say really works.

So you can tell I obviously love it because at this point I'm just gushing (I think Brad may be more obsessed with it than I am), but seriously my final thoughts on this is that it's just awesome. To be this far along in my pregnancy and able to sleep through the night without a pregnancy pillow is amazing. Whenever we are out of town or have to sleep on another mattress, we FEEL it. This mattress has totally spoiled us. 

For more info on these, you can check out the Beautyrest Black website here.

Because I'm a pretty skeptical person and honestly don't trust too many people or reviews online myself,  I've made it a point over the years to not only be myself and honest, but to always be transparent about these sorts of things.  Basically, I would have purchased this exact one myself (we were actually shopping for a new mattress anyway).  I seriously would purchase this again and again. Beautyrest did not pay me for a positive review or require me to say positive things at all. I made sure they knew I would share this in my own way in my own time and completely honestly. I just really am excited to share something great with you all and share our experience.

But seriously, our bedroom just feels so much better. I like our bedroom to feel like a calming sanctuary. Comfortable, calm, clean, relaxing... It's a place we look forward to going every single night. With the new mattress, we've been spending a lot more time in there. We've even started to hang out up there for movie nights (yes, we are "tv in the bedroom" people), instead of hanging out in the family room or even in the media room. We're just so comfortable up there. 
The little bassinet in there just makes it that much better. ...Seeing our little baby girl in it will make it complete.  :)

**Post contains affiliate link (to cradle). Mattress provided for consideration by Simmons Beautyrest (detailed throughout post). Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.


Nursery Progress! curtains, crib, and some accessories

So I'm well-aware that it's been a hot minute since I did any sort of nursery updates for you all, but stuff has definitely been happening in there. ...Or I should say, in here, as I'm writing this post from the super comfy glider with a big pup by my feet and a pb&j sandwich by my side. Don't judge. All I've wanted lately is all pb&j all. the. time.

Before we get started with the update, I feel like I need to pass along some advice about nurseries that has really made this whole process feel more fun and less like a daunting project that we needed to get done by a certain time.

You ready?
Start early. That is all.

I realize some of you may be in situations where you know you'll be moving before baby comes in which you have no choice but to wait. But seriously, getting this whole room started as early as we did really has been nice. Don't listen to people who are judging you for getting things going during your first trimester. Some call it jumping the gun, I call it being prepared. Plus, decorating is just good clean fun as far as I'm concerned, so why not?

Going on 27 weeks of pregnancy now, I've realized just how fast that second trimester truly does fly by. I cannot believe I can actually say that I'm in my THIRD trimester now... so crazy!

My point is that during this last trimester, there is really already enough going on and things to prepare for (and I've heard all that second trimester energy and general "good feelings" tend to drop off again during this time), that I would be a nervous wreck thinking I had to put a nursery together start to finish on top of all that. I'm happy that we're left with mainly the fun stuff to get done that will really put the finishing touches on the whole space.

I could go on and on, so let's get to the updates!

First of all, a change that made the biggest impact (since the lighting update, and paint, of course), was the addition of the curtains.

These are the same "favorite" curtains I've used for years and years (I had them all throughout our last home).  I think they really make any room look a little more layered and put-together.
These particular ones are the velvet blackout curtains in off white from halfpricedrapes.com.

We went ahead and hung these all the way to the ceiling since in this little nook, the window is very very short. It makes the little space feel a bit taller.

Here's a better look at that whole area...

There's a little built-in desk around the corner to the right where that little chair is. Totally cut that out of the photo for a reason. It's become kind of a catch-all baby junk area.  And the scary mannequin form lady will not be staying in here. haha

But like I mentioned in the last nursery post, this area will eventually be a little play nook for her. Especially when we eventually move out the glider, she'll have a ton of room for lots of play things.
The world ottoman was a good find at RH Baby & Child (same with the little animals beneath the window), and the little polar bear is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Here is the other window with the same curtains... These need some "phloofing" and some hemming. Not my main priority now (I'm just happy they're up), but we'll get there.

We've had the little mirrored chest for about five years now. It lived in the upstairs hallway at our last house and even in the guest bedroom there for a while. I thought it fit perfectly with everything in the nursery.  Oh, and the little rocking unicorn? Melts my heart every single time I see it.

The other big change?? The crib is set up!

Waylon is pretty excited about it. This is his new favorite spot to hang out.  I really like this area because we can sort of center it in the middle of that wall on the right and have it floating out in the floor a bit so that we can completely walk comfortably around it on all sides. I like cribs that float out a little bit in rooms. All we've officially added so far is the dust ruffle (which I had custom made), and the mattress, but the bedding is kind of just hanging out for now. I'm waiting until much closer to her arrival to get the sheets all washed and ready (don't want clean sheets on the bed collecting dust for months).

I'll get some better shots of the entire crib when everything is all "done" (this isn't a full room reveal, you know) but here is another little shot that shows how it's made a little better...

You can basically set it up 3 different ways- The 4-post look like we chose to do, a canopy look (where you add little cross bars between the posts), or no posts at all.  It also turns into a toddler bed when she's ready for that down the road.
I knew I really wanted an iron crib for the nursery. They're just so classic. I didn't realize how hard they were to find! This one is by Bratt decor... and also kind of super expensive. So months back when I first started looking at cribs online and found this beauty (it's called the Parisian crib), imagine how excited I got when I saw it on Gilt (it's a site similar to Hautelook), for almost 50% off! So I jumped on that pony. My family probably thought I was insane when I told them I had already bought the crib not even halfway through my first trimester. So glad I did!

You may also notice that I added a sweet little mobile in the photo above. It's from RH Baby & Child and the little animals match the larger little animals under the window in the play nook area.

If you're wondering what the big wall o' built-ins is looking like... well, it's not especially pretty.  I haven't really started styling any of the shelves other than adding some books here and there.  I've still got a lot to organize in the cabinets beneath the changing area there and I can't wait to start filling up the toy chests there eventually too.  But it's not quite update-worthy just yet.  I'll also share the closet with you all eventually as it comes together! Lot's and lots of clothes to wash and organize.

As always, thank you all for being so excited to share this journey with us and for being so wonderful and supportive! I know I skipped the 26 week pregnancy vlog this week, but that just means next week we'll have even more to talk about. ;)

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon!!

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